Coral and Bone book review ⭐⭐⭐

Let me just start off by saying that this book is the first time I have read a detailed and thought provoking siren book period .Most siren books I read are of loose threads and are hard to understand.This story follows a girl called Halen who is the saviour to the siren race and she didnt even know it .With her guardian Tage by her side they attempt to defeat the centuary old conflict in the supernatural world.I loved this book , the characters were so enjoyable especially Ezra (he’s my personal fav). They were funny witty and serious when the moment called for it .Tage was a kickass sidekick to Halen who was the first protagonist in a while that didnt irritate me (round of applause ). Although every character has their moments they also have their downfall. In the first fifty pages I got no feelings from Halen but after that the train started moving! I loved the world building of the three worlds “Elosia , Earth and Etlis ” .They were all unique but I feel there may be more to Etlis in the next book . One of the only things I didnt like was how the first 60 pages were hard to get into , the author set it up wonderfully for the rest of the novel but I was a bit unenthusiastic about it until pg 60 when the boat really starts sailing .Overall it was a wonderful book that I would recommend anyone who loves character based story with action to suit everyone .
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Note:(I received a free copy in return for a review)

Sexism in ya

I know in the past ten years there has been a huge surge in books told in a female point of view .That’s totally okay but what about equality .Dont get me wrong I’m a feminist but feminist means the equal treatment of both one. That does not mean we push down one gender to favour the other.In the past 10 years the stories in ya have been told in an 80-20 percent ratio of girls to boys .THIS IS NOT OKAY.

Yes I know getting women’s own voices is important , but know what else is important: Getting a diverse range of voices regardless whether its Male, transgender, female or anybody for that matter. Since the rise of the hunger games in 2009 I think there has been very few original or different gender narratives in ya since .The only mainstream Male perspective books I know of(correct me if I’m wrong ) are Percy Jackson, The Maze Runner and Ms Peregrine’s. Where there are hundreds of female based ones for example :The hunger games, Daughter of smoke and bone , The 5th wave , Throne of Glass , City of bones …you see my point .How have we come to there being none of these stories to being overloaded .In conclusion this is a major problem in the ya industry and it needs to be addressed

(NOTE:These are just my opinions and if they differ to yours I sincerely mean no offense✌)

Sealed with a twist book review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Ricki hasnever had a serious boyfriend and she is desperate to experience love. Desperate enough to go to a fortune teller to have her love life revealed in the next blue moon.But something goes wrong , instead of getting the boy of her dreams she gets very strange dreams…at least that’s what she hope they are.
I went into this book expecting a mediocre plot and loose fantasies , but I was blown away .The plot was genrally hilarious with just enough drama to keep you entertained .It is an epic combination of To all the boys I’ve loved before and the paranormal aspect of twilight except no blood needed .I honestly could not recommend this book enough , it was one of my favorite reads so far this year and it even trumps some Sarah j mass books and that’s really saying something cause I love acotar.
Writing style
The story is told in third person narrative which I really enjoyed as we got to experience a little bit of everyone’s views but mostly Ricki’s.The story just flew by as I enjoyed it immensely. The characters were fabulous and the best friend group in this book is to die for , they will make you laugh , cry and wish you could be ther too.
I would love if you checked this book out as it’s one of my new personal favourites

Favorite ships of all time

Okay when I’m reading a contemporary I’m so bored.Nothing feels real about their relationship, girl sees boy/girl or boy sees boy/girl and it just completely revolves around that .Is it just me or is that so cliche? The only real relationships that I root for are ones that you least expect or thrown together by circumstances. It’s so much more real cause you dont just go out on the street and go la la la and then meet your partner. It’s more like whoops and there you go , if you know what I mean

Enough of the chit chat let the shipping begin

1:Ferye and Rysand

How can you not ship this , I know some people have problems with this relationship but I can see no flaws.I read acomaf during a really stressful time in my life and I just clung to this ship with my whole heart ,There just adorable!

2:Laia and Elias

I just finished a torch against the night today and I’m just shook!I just love them together so much as Elias understands her pain so much and he tries to make her stronger instead of holding her back unlike somebody I might add.

3:Katniss and Peeta

How can we talk about ya ships and not give it up to Katniss and Peeta .They basically invented the love triangle trope in ya .If I’m being honest I never liked Gale but I always rooted for Peeta even in mockingjay.

4:Elide and Lorcan

I love Aelin and Rowan but they honestly get all the credit in this series.No the real OTP in this has to be Elorcan ,Elide is so sweet and Lorcan is just this big warrior I just dont understand how you cant ship them!

5: Calypso and Leo

This is just the greatest ship.Take the adorably sweet guy and pair him with Cylayso and you would get a cavity there just so cute!

May tbr

This is my first monthly tbr and I’m hoping to update you every month!Leave a comment down below if you want to buddy read any of these !

1:Children of Blood and Bone

I’ve heard so much about this from EVERYBODY and the sequel is coming out in fall/winter I think so I need to get started

2:The Uglies

I know this series is getting in in the years but I’m still really intrigued at the concept


Me reading a dragon book other than throne of glass.Well done me!


I tried to read this book in audio form but I couldn’t concentrate on it so I’m going to try read it in paperback.

5:The Kiss of Deception

“I got nothing”Chick Lorre

6:Deeper Realms

I’m reviewing this book so I’ll start it in may hopefully!

What books are you reading in may??

Nb*(The first, second and last photos are mine)

Is rereading productive??

Lately I’ve been going through a stressful time…school, exams and genral everyday life and I just want something reliable and fun.

I look at my bookshelf and I see all the unfamiliar “scary ” books I haven’t read yet opposed to the comfort books I continuously reread.Internally i have a battle with myself (no you must not reread , be productive , you have read them five times already , your tbr pile is overthroughing you ect ect).

And then I just cave because I miss all the lovable characters and the ships I would die for and then I live like a hermit under a blanket for about three hours basking in greatness and then realise I’ve to go back to reality.

Some of my favorite ya books to reread are ; The Hunger Games 1st book , A court of thorns and roses 1st and 2cnd books , twilight (obviously) , divergent , outsiders and the 5th wave .

As you can see I need to update my rereading list so give me some recommendations in the comments:)

Xx Victoria

All The Broken People Review

I know many people are apprehensive about reading mystery/thriller books and I was too before I read All The Broken People .It was the first mystery I read in two years and and now I cant stop thinking about it.
The novel follows Alice as she moves to the town of Jasper to look after her sick mother to get back in her husbands good grace’s.She thinks she has left her abusive childhood behind as she has the perfect life , she’s married to the perfect southern gentleman and she has a job she loves.But when her past comes back for vengence , Alice finds her on the outs with her husband .After coming to Jasper she realises her mother in laws fall was no accident , with people so secretive in this secludive small town Alice doesn’t know who to trust .
I must admit the book was a little slow to begin with but then we meet Larry Lee , the town’s troublemaker who I thought was really the main attraction. Everything keeps going wrong for him and I just feel so sorry for the guy , an abusive mother , demon sister , no job and everyone in town always thinks he’s up to something and people say it’s hard to leave the post behind .As Alice’s and Larry Lee’s story come entwined a mystery soon appears that I just couldn’t stop thinking about.One if the best things I find about the story was that it was told form polar opposites , one side from the perfect southern wife and the other from a lone trouble maker but even though they are so different they have similar objectives .The only thing I feel dissapointed about is the intriguing but unanswered murder plot about Junita Jones that the main character was researching in the story, I would have liked more about it as it was an intriguing concept.
For an authors first psychological suspense I thought the story was told so beautifully as you were always wondering what wa going to happen as the story is woven together .The chapters are detailed but not boring and the three person narrative offered a unique perspective.

If you are looking for a thrilling summer read I would definitely recommend
(Note I received free copy in return for a review)

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