All The Broken People Review

I know many people are apprehensive about reading mystery/thriller books and I was too before I read All The Broken People .It was the first mystery I read in two years and and now I cant stop thinking about it.
The novel follows Alice as she moves to the town of Jasper to look after her sick mother to get back in her husbands good grace’s.She thinks she has left her abusive childhood behind as she has the perfect life , she’s married to the perfect southern gentleman and she has a job she loves.But when her past comes back for vengence , Alice finds her on the outs with her husband .After coming to Jasper she realises her mother in laws fall was no accident , with people so secretive in this secludive small town Alice doesn’t know who to trust .
I must admit the book was a little slow to begin with but then we meet Larry Lee , the town’s troublemaker who I thought was really the main attraction. Everything keeps going wrong for him and I just feel so sorry for the guy , an abusive mother , demon sister , no job and everyone in town always thinks he’s up to something and people say it’s hard to leave the post behind .As Alice’s and Larry Lee’s story come entwined a mystery soon appears that I just couldn’t stop thinking about.One if the best things I find about the story was that it was told form polar opposites , one side from the perfect southern wife and the other from a lone trouble maker but even though they are so different they have similar objectives .The only thing I feel dissapointed about is the intriguing but unanswered murder plot about Junita Jones that the main character was researching in the story, I would have liked more about it as it was an intriguing concept.
For an authors first psychological suspense I thought the story was told so beautifully as you were always wondering what wa going to happen as the story is woven together .The chapters are detailed but not boring and the three person narrative offered a unique perspective.

If you are looking for a thrilling summer read I would definitely recommend
(Note I received free copy in return for a review)

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