Is rereading productive??

Lately I’ve been going through a stressful time…school, exams and genral everyday life and I just want something reliable and fun.

I look at my bookshelf and I see all the unfamiliar “scary ” books I haven’t read yet opposed to the comfort books I continuously reread.Internally i have a battle with myself (no you must not reread , be productive , you have read them five times already , your tbr pile is overthroughing you ect ect).

And then I just cave because I miss all the lovable characters and the ships I would die for and then I live like a hermit under a blanket for about three hours basking in greatness and then realise I’ve to go back to reality.

Some of my favorite ya books to reread are ; The Hunger Games 1st book , A court of thorns and roses 1st and 2cnd books , twilight (obviously) , divergent , outsiders and the 5th wave .

As you can see I need to update my rereading list so give me some recommendations in the comments:)

Xx Victoria

4 thoughts on “Is rereading productive??

  1. I find rereading to be comforting. Sometimes a new book is too much of an emotional commitment. It would be like the difference between a first date and a date with someone you’ve dated for years: the first is stressful and time consuming, the second is relaxing. While some people might argue about whether or not it’s “productive”, I think if it accomplishes the goal of helping you relax and unwind then it is time well spent!


    1. This is so true with a new book you have to get to know the character , plot ect but with a reread you know everyone and the plot so its stress free , I love rereading aswell but I try not to as there are so many books I have to read aswell ….so many!!

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  2. It may not be productive but finding the time to enjoy things you love is always a gift to yourself. Sometimes I have to remind myself it’s ok to enjoy life and say the hell to productivity. πŸ˜‚


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