Sexism in ya

I know in the past ten years there has been a huge surge in books told in a female point of view .That’s totally okay but what about equality .Dont get me wrong I’m a feminist but feminist means the equal treatment of both one. That does not mean we push down one gender to favour the other.In the past 10 years the stories in ya have been told in an 80-20 percent ratio of girls to boys .THIS IS NOT OKAY.

Yes I know getting women’s own voices is important , but know what else is important: Getting a diverse range of voices regardless whether its Male, transgender, female or anybody for that matter. Since the rise of the hunger games in 2009 I think there has been very few original or different gender narratives in ya since .The only mainstream Male perspective books I know of(correct me if I’m wrong ) are Percy Jackson, The Maze Runner and Ms Peregrine’s. Where there are hundreds of female based ones for example :The hunger games, Daughter of smoke and bone , The 5th wave , Throne of Glass , City of bones …you see my point .How have we come to there being none of these stories to being overloaded .In conclusion this is a major problem in the ya industry and it needs to be addressed

(NOTE:These are just my opinions and if they differ to yours I sincerely mean no offense✌)

5 thoughts on “Sexism in ya

  1. This is definitely an important point. I think a couple large reasons for this are a) more female YA authors and b) more female YA readers.


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