Favorite ships of all time

Okay when I’m reading a contemporary I’m so bored.Nothing feels real about their relationship, girl sees boy/girl or boy sees boy/girl and it just completely revolves around that .Is it just me or is that so cliche? The only real relationships that I root for are ones that you least expect or thrown together by circumstances. It’s so much more real cause you dont just go out on the street and go la la la and then meet your partner. It’s more like whoops and there you go , if you know what I mean

Enough of the chit chat let the shipping begin

1:Ferye and Rysand

How can you not ship this , I know some people have problems with this relationship but I can see no flaws.I read acomaf during a really stressful time in my life and I just clung to this ship with my whole heart ,There just adorable!

2:Laia and Elias

I just finished a torch against the night today and I’m just shook!I just love them together so much as Elias understands her pain so much and he tries to make her stronger instead of holding her back unlike somebody I might add.

3:Katniss and Peeta

How can we talk about ya ships and not give it up to Katniss and Peeta .They basically invented the love triangle trope in ya .If I’m being honest I never liked Gale but I always rooted for Peeta even in mockingjay.

4:Elide and Lorcan

I love Aelin and Rowan but they honestly get all the credit in this series.No the real OTP in this has to be Elorcan ,Elide is so sweet and Lorcan is just this big warrior I just dont understand how you cant ship them!

5: Calypso and Leo

This is just the greatest ship.Take the adorably sweet guy and pair him with Cylayso and you would get a cavity there just so cute!

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