The fates divide review

The fates divide is the squelel to carve the mark.

Okay first of all the veronica’ s novels usually has the factual beginning the decision in the middle and the epic action warfare in the end.But I feel for this book the resolution at the end does not satisfy me altogether. The ending is a future of possiblities which I really dislike as I don’t get to find out what really happens to all the characters.Like do akos and cyra get married and live happily ever after or will ast ever torrment visit again. These unanswered questions just leave me growling in antispation and left me frowning in disspaointment. Although the point where cyra save voa was quite and interesting point but unfortunately the absense of her gift didn’t last long did really infuriate me .

And also what happened to Ryzec,Sifa, Isae, or even Ast?

The questions go unanswered and I find that quite agravaiting in a novel especially when the is no next book

What were your thoughts on the novel??

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