5 books all teens must read:Best Ya novels

So I’ve been eating sleeping reading since I was knee high so I thought id share 5 books evey teen should read .These books have action,love,mental health issues and everything in between so there’s bound to something for everybody. These books are for those who are tired of hearing just the bestsellers like the hunger games or the fault in our stars. Dont get me wrong there amazing books but I feel like people should branch out to other authors too. Comment below if you would like me to continue and suggest unheard of but amazing books.

1 :CLEAN By Juno Dawson

This book was so additively good and deals with all kinds of addition problems,(excuse the pun)The main character Lexi is a privileged teen that has and addiction to drugs and before long she comes close to overdosing. Thankfully her brother brings her to rehab where she get to know her fellow inmates and the mysterious Brady. I read this book in two days as it just kept giving. It was so easily relatable because there were many different mental issues distributed along the way. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is struggling to tell someone about their problems.

2 :FLAWED Celia Ahearn

This book is set in the near future when the norm is to be perfect. Caught bearing a flaw and your branded on the flesh .There are a number of rules that distinguishes the perfect and the flawed. One rule is that you can’t help a flawed. But celestine helps a dying man and her world changes for the worst or perhaps better. This book really spoke as it was all about embracing your flaws and accepting who you are. There is also a scent of betrayal in this book so look out.


Omg this book is soo amazing.Its starts out as your regular kidnapping story but what happens is absolutely shocking. Faith is the main character and has accepted that her sister Laurel who was kidnapped 13 year earlier is gone . Then she finds her but its not who she remembers ,she different somehow but faith cant put her finger on it. This book shook me to the core in the best way possible .10 out of 10 recommend read.


This book is based on the knowledge that a website can predict your death day.The dreaded call is one of the highest fears among people.Mateo gets the call the same day as Rug as and together they find each other with the app last friend .Through the course of the day the learn lessons involving love and letting go.This book is so beautifully written and find it great that more novelists include the lgtb+ community into their novels.This book definitely pull a few strings on the heart but it’s such a moving book it’s hard not to shed a few tears.


This book written from the point of view of a teenage girl growing up in a cult based on a real life event .Moonbeam the main character unfolds the story while looking back on her memorys in a recovery centre.The basic cult life is tough and children as young as 8 are forced to learn to fight to protect themselves from the unbelievers of their religion.Father John is the heart and soul of the everything inside the fence.Everyone this he has a special connection to god but moonbeam is starting to see through his web of lies.Whena dramatic event unfolds she must choose a choice that could change her life forever.This book was absolutely outstanding by the way it written.The memory story telling is really intreaging and always keeps you interested.This book stood out to me a lot as it was the first one that had talked about cult life and it really surprised me .

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